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Why SureHealth™?

Because with SureHealth, it’s all about you, convenience, and your quick, easy access to benefits and services.

Health care is evolving. We know it because health is our focus. Just like we know that in-person, traditional visits with professionals are not suitable for everyone or realistic or feasible for every situation. So with SureHealth plans, you have choice.

When you’re a SureHealth customer, you have the option to leverage technology and its advantages, and get convenient, easy access to quality services.

  • It sounds pretty cool because it is. BEACON is online digital Cognitive Behavourial therapy (iCBT), an effective, easy-to-access way to learn new ways to manage mood, thoughts and feelings through a focus on building coping skills. With no scheduled in-person appointments, your therapy happens via your mobile device or computer, where and when it’s convenient for you – at home, during your lunch hour, or over a cup of coffee. If you’re stressed, anxious, feeling down or dealing with insomnia, BEACON might be right for you.

    The BEACON Standard therapy course provides access to a dedicated therapist for up to 12 weeks, and to helpful online resources for one full year. And it is fully covered by SureHealth plans. As a SureHealth customer, you and your dependents (over 16 years of age) can take advantage of the BEACON Standard therapy course, free of charge, with no out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever (one course per person per year).

  • It’s an advantage of the SureHealth bundled plan design - emergency medical travel coverage is a benefit of each SureHealth plan. It’s designed to cover multiple trips every year. Better yet, this travel coverage will continue right along with your other benefits, regardless of your age (as long as your premium payments are made, of course!). So no more last minute rushes to purchase coverage to protect you on your travels – even when you take a number of trips every year. What could be easier?

  • As a SureHealth customer, many of your eligible health care expenses can be processed automatically between your health care provider and GSC, like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, some registered specialists and therapists, and, of course, emergency medical expenses when you’re travelling. That’s efficient and convenient!

  • When you register for GSC Online Services, you get easy, convenient access to your SureHealth plan 24-7. You can arrange for direct deposit so that your reimbursements will be placed directly into your account – no more waiting for cheques to arrive in the mail. You can submit claims online, track your benefit balance, drug eligibility, cost and reimbursement, and locate GSC-approved registered specialists, dentists and vision care providers in your area.

  • GSC on the Go® is available exclusively for GSC customers. It gives you mobile access to your SureHealth plan, so you can check your benefit balance, confirm medication eligibility with Drugs on the Go®, submit claims, and much more – no matter where you are!

  • Available exclusively for GSC customers, the Change4Life® rewards program is educational, fun and rewarding. Designed to promote and encourage healthy life styles, you earn points as you participate in activities and resources. The points accumulate quickly. You redeem them by bidding on the chance to win gift cards from popular Canadian retailers. With gift cards for $10, $20, $50, $100 and $250, you can bid often or save your points and bid for the gift cards of greater value. And you can do it all via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

GSC makes friends with partners who offer SureHealth customers even more advantages…

  • With Maple, you can connect virtually with a Canadian-licensed doctor within minutes, any time. And when we say “any time”, we really mean it – 24/7, 365 days a year. The average wait time to speak with a doctor is two minutes. And while many family doctors and clinics offer virtual visits, they’re not available around the clock. Maple is.

    As a SureHealth customer, you receive GSC preferred pricing. (Please note: the discounted rate you pay isn’t eligible for reimbursement under your plan).
    Maple Platform and Maple Health Care Services are owned and operated by Maple Corporation.

  • PocketPills is pharmacy made easy. They prepare your medication and deliver directly to your door, monthly, for a low dispensing fee. And, home delivery is free of charge.

    PocketPills is especially handy if you take more than one medication. Your meds will arrive, sorted by dose and time of day, and labelled in easy-to-open PocketPacks. The PocketPills team will work with your doctor to manage your medications, so there’s no need to worry about co-ordination or refills. And when you have questions, you can chat with a pharmacist online.
    PocketPills services are provided by PocketPills Pharmacy Inc.

  • As a SureHealth customer, you have quick, easy access to unlimited free summary telephonic legal advice, offered in partnership with Sykes Assistance Services. It can help guide you through most major types of law including family, criminal, civil litigation, landlord and tenant, residential real estate and wills and estates. The advice lawyers will take all the time necessary to answer your questions.

    You can also request that a lawyer draft a simple legal letter on your behalf, like a demand letter or travel consent letter. Review of simple legal documents (six pages or less, single sided) is another service offered to you, free of charge, as a SureHealth customer.

    And if you want a referral to a lawyer in your area, Sykes Assistance Services can refer you to a local lawyer who will offer you a discount of 25% on legal fees (as long as the lawyer’s account is paid within 30 days of receipt; the discount does not apply to real estate matters).

    If you are the unfortunate victim of identity theft, Sykes Assistance Services can help with that too. They will assign an Identity Restoration Consultant to your case who will assist you in restoring your identity until the matter is completely resolved.

    Understanding that caring for aging parents is part of life, Sykes Assistance Services offers Lifestage Care. It’s a valuable online resource that can help you find care for aging parents or ailing children, including links to financial assistance, costs of care, advice from experts and informative articles.
    Legal Assistance is provided by Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company.