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Why SureHealth™?

Because with SureHealth, it’s all about you, convenience, and your quick, easy access to benefits and services.

Health care is evolving. We know it because health is our focus. Just like we know that in-person, traditional visits with professionals are not suitable for everyone or realistic or feasible for every situation. So with SureHealth plans, you have choice.

When you’re a SureHealth customer, you have the option to leverage technology and its advantages, and get convenient, easy access to quality services.

  • As a SureHealth customer, you’ll have 4 free virtual visits per family every year with Canadian-licensed general health care practitioners through the Maple platform.  These virtual visits are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year (7 am to midnight). The average wait time is just a few minutes, and you can be in the comfort of home. During your virtual consultation, you’ll receive diagnoses, prescriptions, medical notes and lab requisitions, as necessary.

    Many doctors offer virtual visits, but availability depends on their calendar and office hours. Through Maple, you’ll have access to health care practitioners when you need it, without the wait.

    If you decide to use Maple for more than four virtual visits during the year, you’ll receive GreenShield preferred pricing.
    Maple Platform and Maple Health Care Services are owned and operated by Maple Corporation.

  • Inkblot™† sounds different because it is. Inkblot provides secure, virtual mental health therapy with an added level of comfort and personalization.  Inkblot’s unique, advanced matching technology makes it easy for you to connect with the qualified therapist who meets your needs and reflects what matters to you. The Inkblot matching process takes into consideration the clinical specialty and credentials of the therapist, your personal preferences, language, cultural background, religion, and more. Plus, virtual video counselling eliminates geographical barriers and the need for you to travel to appointments.

    Looking for help in-between sessions? Inkblot also offers digital resources like articles, podcasts and videos that you can access at your leisure.

    Every SureHealth plan includes two hours of individual and two hours of couples virtual counselling through Inkblot. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for these four hours of therapy. To continue your therapy journey, additional virtual sessions with Inkblot are easy to arrange and eligible for coverage under the Psychology benefit of your SureHealth plan.

  • Have you heard about it?  Pharmacogenetic testing is designed to provide insights into genetic make-up to help physicians prescribe the medication and dose that will provide the best outcome for their patients.  

    Pharmacogenetic testing from GenXys is eligible for coverage under the Medical Services benefit of all SureHealth plans, provided you meet the medical criteria – if you suffer from moderate to severe major depressive disorder and/or anxiety disorder (generalized or social), and if you’ve tried and are not responding to the medication prescribed for you. 

    The DNA test is really simple – really. GenXys sends you the home test kit, you take a swab of your lower gums, and return the kit to them.  When the test results are ready, your healthcare provider will receive a summary that you can also access. The GenXys Pharmacogenetic Test Report will help you and your healthcare provider to develop a personalized medication treatment plan that is based on your genetics.  

    Best of all, your Pharmacogenetic Test Report is timeless – it will not date. You and your healthcare providers can use it to optimize treatment options for other conditions that may arise in future.  After all, your genetic make-up won’t ever change.
    Pharmacogenetics testing services and reports are provided by GenXys Health Care Systems Inc.

  • It’s an advantage of the SureHealth bundled plan design - emergency medical travel coverage is a benefit of each SureHealth plan. It’s designed to cover multiple trips every year. Better yet, this travel coverage will continue right along with your other benefits, regardless of your age (as long as your premium payments are made, of course!). So no more last minute rushes to purchase coverage to protect you on your travels – even when you take a number of trips every year. What could be easier?

  • If you’re looking for physiotherapy that’s delivered virtually, no need to search further.  As a SureHealth customer, you have access to virtual therapy with registered physiotherapists via Phzio Canada’s Phzio platform. And as a SureHealth customer, you qualify for a discounted rate. Better yet, it’s eligible for coverage under the Physiotherapy benefit of your SureHealth plan.

    Of course, virtual physiotherapy provided by a licensed, registered physiotherapist recognized by GreenShield, is eligible for coverage under the Physiotherapy benefit of all SureHealth plans. But with the Phzio discount, your benefit dollars will stretch that much farther.If you’re looking for physiotherapy that’s delivered virtually, no need to search further.
    Phzio virtual physiotherapy sessions are provided by licensed physiotherapists registered to practice in Canada. The Phzio platform and MSK360 portal are owned and operated by Phzio Canada.

  • As a SureHealth customer, you have quick, easy access to unlimited free summary telephonic legal advice, offered in partnership with Sykes Assistance Services. It can help guide you through most major types of law including family, criminal, civil litigation, landlord and tenant, residential real estate and wills and estates. The advice lawyers will take all the time necessary to answer your questions.

    You can also request that a lawyer draft a simple legal letter on your behalf, like a demand letter or travel consent letter. Review of simple legal documents (six pages or less, single sided) is another service offered to you, free of charge, as a SureHealth customer.

    And if you want a referral to a lawyer in your area, Sykes Assistance Services can refer you to a local lawyer who will offer you a discount of 25% on legal fees (as long as the lawyer’s account is paid within 30 days of receipt; the discount does not apply to real estate matters).

    If you are the unfortunate victim of identity theft, Sykes Assistance Services can help with that too. They will assign an Identity Restoration Consultant to your case who will assist you in restoring your identity until the matter is completely resolved.

    Understanding that caring for aging parents is part of life, Sykes Assistance Services offers Lifestage Care. It’s a valuable online resource that can help you find care for aging parents or ailing children, including links to financial assistance, costs of care, advice from experts and informative articles.
    Legal Assistance is provided by Assistance Services Group, a SYKES® company.

  • As a SureHealth customer, many of your eligible health care expenses can be processed automatically between your health care provider and GreenShield, like prescription drugs, dental care, vision care, some registered specialists and therapists, and, of course, emergency medical expenses when you’re travelling. That’s efficient and convenient!

  • When you register for GreenShield online services, you get easy, convenient access to your SureHealth plan 24-7, from everywhere. You can submit claims online, track your benefit balance, drug eligibility, cost and reimbursement, and locate GreenShield-approved registered specialists, dentists and vision care providers in your area. And you can arrange for direct deposit so that your reimbursements will be placed directly into your account – no more waiting for cheques to arrive in the mail. Now that’s efficient!

  • The GreenShield app is available exclusively for GreenShield customers. It gives you mobile access to your SureHealth plan so you can submit claims, check your claims status, track your benefit balance, confirm your eligibility and coverage for health expenses, find health care providers in your area, and much more.  And you can do it all, no matter where you are!

  • Available exclusively for GreenShield customers, the Change4Life® rewards program is educational, fun and rewarding. Designed to promote and encourage healthy life styles, you earn points* as you participate in activities and resources. The points accumulate quickly. You redeem them by bidding on the chance to win gift cards from popular Canadian retailers. With gift cards for $10, $20, $50, and $100, you can bid often or save your points and bid for the gift cards of greater value. And you can do it all via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.
    *Change4Life points have no cash value..

GreenShield makes friends with companies that can offer SureHealth customers even more advantages…

  • GreenShield Pharmacy leverages digital technology to help you manage your health and pharmacy needs from the comfort of home.

    Convenience.  With GreenShield Pharmacy’s online platform, there’s no need to drive to the drug store, there’s no standing in line to drop off your prescription or to pick up your medication.  GreenShield Pharmacy delivers your medications right to you – whether you’re at home, work, or the cottage.

    Peace of mind.  The GreenShield Pharmacy team works with you to set-up auto-refill reminders and can co-ordinate prescription renewals with your doctor so you don’t have to.

    Expertise when you need it most. GreenShield Pharmacy team members are registered pharmacists and technicians, certified diabetes and respiratory educators, and certified geriatric pharmacists with expertise in medication optimization. They’re ready to answer questions and respond to any concerns you may have.  You can reach them by phone or email, or you can schedule a virtual appointment – from the comfort of home.

    Value.  GreenShield Pharmacy’s low dispensing fees mean that your SureHealth prescription drug benefits will stretch that little bit farther.  Plus, delivery is free!

    GreenShield Pharmacy’s view has expanded.  Now, in addition to residents of Ontario, GreenShield Pharmacy provides services to residents of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Atlantic Canada, Nunavut and the Territories.

    GreenShield Pharmacy optimizes convenience, efficiency and value that many SureHealth customers can now enjoy.

    GreenShield Pharmacy is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists with services provided by 193602 Canada Inc., operating as GreenShield Pharmacy. GreenShield Pharmacyis also accredited by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba, with services provided by 1383989 B.C. Ltd., operating as GreenShield Pharmacy.

  • Medzy/Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc. provides digital pharmacy services to residents of Quebec. With Medzy, medications can be ordered online, and you don’t have to worry about refills or prescription extensions. Medzy pharmacists will take care of that for you – they’re your health allies. You can have confidential consultations with a pharmacist who’s just a text or phone call away, plus personalized treatment follow-ups. And you’ll enjoy the convenience and efficiency of free delivery anywhere in Quebec.*

    *The medication and pharmaceutical services are provided exclusively to Quebec residents by the pharmacists at Pharmacie Sonia Boutin inc., affiliated with Medzy.

  • KITS is the Canadian, online prescription eyewear and contact lens provider that delivers premium glasses at truly affordable prices. KITS has a terrific selection of well-known brand name, designer eyewear as well as their unique KITS brand.

    What truly sets KITS apart? They offer an online experience like no other: get frame recommendations based on your face shape; “try on” any number of frames in a digital environment (it’s fun!); easy-to-follow instructions allow you to check frame sizing; and with a few simple steps, you can accurately confirm lens specifications so that your glasses will be the perfect fit.

    KITS standard pricing is incredibly reasonable. Best of all, when you provide your SureHealth plan ID#, the system will automatically verify the amount of coverage you have available, apply it before check-out, and reduce the cost even more!

    Convenient, fast, and efficient, KITS delivers exactly what your eyes need to see, and you need to look your very best.
    KITS products and services are provided by Technologies, Inc., which operates as “”.