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Change4Life® Rewards Program

It’s true – healthy living is its own reward. Change4Life makes it even MORE rewarding!

Change4Life logo

Change4Life® is a free, innovative online health management portal exclusively for GreenShield customers. It’s designed to support (and encourage!) healthy life choices and increased health knowledge. Even better, participation gives you the opportunity to win great rewards – gift cards to popular major retailers across Canada!

Change4Life is easy to use

When you become a SureHealth customer, you can register for Change4Life in minutes and start earning points. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to earn lots of points. Just participate.

And it’s convenient. You can access Change4Life through GreenShield online services – via your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

How does Change4Life work? Participation, points, and rewards…

Participate and earn Change4Life points. One point equals one dollar to bid. As your points accumulate, you can bid on the gift cards of your choice. The gift cards range from $10 to $100, so you can bid frequently or wait and bid on the gift cards of greater value.

The Change4Life draws take place every month.  Plus, GreenShield is always offering something new and more ways to win with challenges and bonus draws.

Points, points, and more points!

How do you earn Change4Life points?  There are so many ways…

Complete an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA). This allows Change4Life to be customized to you. You’ll receive a personalized health “report card” with an overall score and recommended action plan complete with tips, tools and resources that help you take a ‘small steps’ approach to adopting healthy habits. Yes, for getting started, you’ll receive points.

Sign up to receive health reminder emails. They can help you to stay on track with your health-related activities – like tracking your daily steps, physical activity, diet, blood pressure and more. And yes, you’ll get additional points!

Sign up for Stick2It®. It’s a medication reminder service that helps you to remember to take your medication as your doctor and pharmacist recommend. You can set up Stick2It reminders to receive scheduled emails that remind you to take your meds or to refill your prescriptions. More points!

Check out GreenShield’s Mindfulness Program. This six-session series focuses on mental wellness as part of overall health and is a valuable tool that helps to address stress, low mood, and anxiety.  You’ll feel better and yes indeed, you’ll earn more points.

Sync your wearable tracker.  Track your steps automatically by syncing a compatible wearable (like Fitbit, Garmin or WearOS by Google) with Change4Life. Then watch your points total climb.

Read educational articles on health topics. Because education is always great, right? And… surprise… you’ll receive more points!

Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Change4Life offers a tool that helps you to develop a personal health action plan and track your progress as you work towards achieving your goal. Use the S (specific) M (measurable) A (achievable) R (realistic) T (timely) methodology and you’ll be encouraged, you’ll achieve… and right again, you’ll get points!

Change4Life is fun and rewarding… and it’s only available to GreenShield customers!

Change4Life points have no cash value.