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Private Health Insurance Plans

Private Health Insurance Plans

Private health insurance plans are the key to extending your personal medical coverage beyond the basic coverage of Canada’s Medicare system. As most people know, If you rely completely on provincial health insurance, you will discover how very quickly medical bills can pile up when you least expect it.

Provincial health insurance is designed to offer residents access to basic medical services – no more, no less. There are many essential areas of health coverage that, for the most part, do not make the cut, including:

  • Prescribed medications
  • Routine dental care
  • Corrective vision care
  • Physical and psychological therapies
  • Emergency medical services when travelling abroad

Fortunately, private health insurance plans can be purchased through a number of health benefits providers. Each plan offers an “extension” of medical services to complement your existing provincial or territorial government plan.

You can really benefit from a private health plan if you:
  • are self-employed
  • work on contract or freelance
  • have little or no group health benefits at work
  • lose your group health benefits at retirement

SureHealth’s ZONE and LINK health insurance plans can help protect your pocketbook by offering you a variety of valuable benefits like:

  • Dental care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care
  • Registered specialist and therapeutic care
  • Emergency medical travel coverage
  • Semi-private or private hospital room stays

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