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Telephone Number for SureHealth1.844.753.SURE (7873)
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SureHealthTM Plans for GreenShield Customers

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Retiring Soon?

Retiring or losing your group plan? We’ve got you covered.

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No medical conditions?

ZONE 5, ZONE 6 and ZONE 7 offer the best value if you don’t have existing medical conditions.

Retiring soon or changing careers?

SureHealth LINK plans from Green Shield Canada, Canada’s only national not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialist, keeps you covered no matter what.

So, if your employee health benefits end upon retirement with GreenShield or another insurance company, LINK has four plans for you to choose from. Apply within 90 days of your employee health benefits plan ending and you’re covered – no medical exams or health questions asked when you apply. Your acceptance is guaranteed!

Are you self-employed, part-time or a contract worker?

SureHealth ZONE plans offer health benefits for both routine and unexpected health-related expenses. Some ZONE plans offer guaranteed acceptance; ZONE 5, ZONE 6 and ZONE 7 insurance plans offer more extensive coverage and we ask some health questions when you apply. If you’re not worried about existing medical conditions, ZONE 5ZONE 6 or ZONE 7 insurance plans may be the right plan for you.

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