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Supplemental Health Coverage

Supplemental Health Coverage

Financial protection against out-of-pocket medical expenses can be important to anyone who relies solely on their provincial health insurance plan. Supplemental health coverage protects against the day-to-day costs that really add up – and even more reassuring, it can swoop in to save the day when sudden illness or injury occurs.

Medicare, Canada’s publicly-funded health care program, merely covers residents for fundamental medical services. Though the system is ever-changing its benefit policies, you’re probably still not receiving coverage for key health care services like:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Routine and enhanced dental procedures
  • Prescription eyewear
  • Registered specialists and therapists
Boosting your benefit level

With supplemental health coverage, you can extend your personal protection against health-related expenses… well beyond the government’s provision. Extended health care plans are available for purchase through a number of health benefits providers.

You are the perfect candidate for supplemental coverage if:
  • You have no group benefits plan at work, or
  • You will lose your group employee coverage upon retirement, or
  • You are self-employed, working on contract or freelance.

SureHealth ZONE and LINK health plans offer protection against a wide variety of medical expenses which will keep you and your wallet happy in the long run, including:

  • Dental care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care
  • Registered specialists and therapists
  • Emergency medical travel coverage
  • Semi-private or private hospital room stays

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