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Private Health Coverage

The best way to protect yourself from having to pay for medical care expenses out-of-pocket is by getting some private health coverage.

We all know that Canada’s government continually reassesses the health coverage it offers, making changes to some services and cutting back on others. Although Canada’s health care program does cover the basics such as essential doctor and in-hospital care, all too often, it simply isn’t enough to sustain us in the “real world”. Key areas typically not covered by government plans include:

  • Dental work
  • Corrective eyewear
  • Prescription medication
  • Home care services
  • Physical therapeutic treatment

Fortunately, Canadian residents can purchase extended medical benefits through private health coverage providers, as a means to supplement the government’s programs.

Who can benefit most?
  • Those without any employee health benefits (small business owners, the self-employed, free-lancers and those working on contract)
  • Those losing their group health coverage at work
  • Those who need to top-up a limited employee health benefits plan

With SureHealth’s ZONE and LINK coverage plans, you can access a wealth of medical benefit options that are well beyond your provincial plan, including:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Dental care
  • Vision care
  • Registered specialists and therapeutic care
  • Emergency medical travel coverage
  • Semi-private or private hospital room stays

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