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Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Though we are fortunate to have the government health care programs that we do, many gaps in health coverage remain. When you have individual health insurance, you safeguard yourself and your savings from routine, day-to-day expenses as well as substantial medical bills that may arise suddenly due to a serious illness or injury.

The truth is, Canada’s Medicare system does not supply all the medical coverage that most of us require. While basic medical services are covered, cutbacks are also made. As it stands, you are likely paying out-of-pocket for common health expenses like:

  • Drugs prescribed by your doctor
  • Routine dental care and corrective procedures
  • Prescription eyewear
  • Registered specialists like chiropractors or physiotherapists
  • Emergency medical care when travelling abroad
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If you are someone who…
  • is self-employed, or
  • works on contract or freelance
  • has no employee benefits plan at work, or
  • has recently lost or will lose their group health coverage upon retirement or career change,

… then an individual health insurance plan is a wise investment for your future.

Individual health insurance plans are readily available through health benefit providers.

SureHealth ZONE and LINK individual health insurance plans from Green Shield Canada (GSC) offer benefits that go beyond the scope of provincial health plans, including:

  • Dental care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care and prescription eyewear
  • Registered specialist and therapeutic care
  • Emergency medical travel coverage
  • Preferred hospital accommodation

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