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Canadian Health Care

An overview of the Medicare system

Our Canadian health care system, also known as Medicare, is accessible for all eligible residents. This nationwide program provides us with a line of health care coverage for only the essentials. While publicly-funded, it is regulated by the government and delivered through each province or territory on an individual basis.

What you get
Prepaid medical coverage for (but not limited to):
  • Health care services regarded as medically essential and administered by primary medical physicians
  • Standard-room hospital care and accommodation
  • Emergency dental and oral surgical procedures provided in a hospital
What you don’t get
Basically, many medical services the government considers non-essential. So, you likely won’t be covered for:
  • Routine dental services
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prescription eyewear
  • Specialized therapeutic treatment
  • Private in-home nursing care
Why supplemental health insurance is a must

Relying solely on the support of the Canadian health care system is a financial risk. In reality, unforeseen health-related expenses can arise from time to time, or they can come suddenly and all at once, burning a hole in your wallet where your savings used to be!

Where SureHealth comes in

A SureHealth insurance plan provides you with coverage where your provincial plan doesn’t.

Choose either our ZONE or LINK insurance plans and you will get started on a safe and secure health care path.

Each plan provides a selection of benefit options and levels of coverage, allowing you to select the one that best fits your personal needs, lifestyle and budget.

Along with a variety of coverage options for dental care, prescription drugs, vision care, registered specialist services and therapeutic care, SureHealth brings you peace of mind with the following immediate benefits:

  • Guaranteed acceptance*, no questions asked when you apply for select ZONE plans and all LINK plans. These are plans specifically designed to provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Lifetime coverage
  • Emergency medical travel coverage (coverage for all ages)
  • Online services you can access from your mobile device
  • Access to Change4Life, an innovative online health management tool
  • No waiting periods
  • Top-notch customer service

Whether you’re investing in your first supplemental personal health plan or leaving an existing group plan, SureHealth has your back in protecting your health and your finances.

Find the SureHealth insurance plan for you.

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